Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Traditional Sherry Trifle

The most irresistible desert.

Barrie Summy put out a call for 4th of July side dishes. Visit her blog for a great 'ice cream in a bag' recipe and links to other recipes for delicious side dishes, salads and deserts.

We don’t celebrate the 4th of July in the UK (obviously) -- but is that any reason not to make a great big sherry trifle? Of course not!

Sherry trifle is quick to make and easily modified to suit different tastes. If you don’t like jelly, for example, just leave it out! If you prefer to use fresh fruit instead of tinned, please do, and decorate the top with raspberries, strawberries, or anything else you like...


 1 packet of trifle sponges
 1 pint (20 fl oz) milk, 2 oz custard powder, 2 oz caster sugar, or 1 pint ready-made custard
 1 packet of jelly
 1 tin of mixed fruit
 Medium sherry or port or brandy
 1 pint (20 fl oz) whipping cream (Or more if you prefer!)
 2 oz toasted, flaked almonds
 2 oz glace cherries, fresh fruit, or any other edible cake decoration


1. Place trifle sponges into a 3½-pint glass serving bowl, or individual bowls or glasses.

2. Soak with the sherry, port or brandy. (If preferred this can be omitted.)

3. Make the jelly using any liquid from the fruit to top it up to make a pint.

4. Pour over the cake and leave to set.

5. If making your own custard form a paste with the custard powder, sugar and a little of the milk. Add to the rest of the milk and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and leave until cold. Stir every so often to prevent a skin forming.

6. When cold, pour the custard on top of the other ingredients.

7. Whip the cream and spoon carefully over the trifle.

8. Decorate, chill, and serve. 

9. Eat. :)


Barrie said...

Mary, trifle is one of my most favourite desserts. And I don't have a decent recipe. So, thank you, thank you!

Annie said...

The picture alone got me. Pretty, simple to make, and tasty. Thanks for such a great recipe!

gabe said...

Photo fills me with desire! I've GOT to try this. I"m going strawberry picking next week and what a great recipe to indulge with. We'll call it Sherry Trifle Day.

gabe said...

p.s. Great name for a blog.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I love trifle! Thanks for sharing this recipe. We're going to try to go berry picking next week too (if the weather holds). Do you know how long it can keep in the fridge? A couple of days or does it need to be eaten immediately?

Mary said...

JAPRA - it will keep overnight in the fridge, but is best eaten within 24 hours. Happy berry picking! :)

Natalie L. Sin said...

I know someone in Wales that loves trifles : )
I still think they sound like something out of Star Trek!

Trouble With Trifles: Not enough sherry.

Catherine J Gardner said...

I haven't had trifle in forever - which for me is about a month!!!

Mary said...

Barrie - you’re welcome! :)

Annie - one of the many things I love about trifle is that it really LOOKS like desert! :)

Gabe - with tons of strawberries you’ll have the ultimate summer trifle!! (I’m now craving big, juicy berries.) Yum. :)

Natalie - the beauty of making your own is... you can add as much as you like! :)

Cate - you must be suffering withdrawal symptoms! ;)

gabe said...

Berries are picked - trifle day tomorrow :))

Mary said...

Gabe - oh, yum... Hope tomorrow turns out deliciously. :)

debra said...

My English mother-in-law (from Chester) makes a wickedly delicious trifle. Glad to have found you :-)

Mary said...

Debra – thanks for stopping by! Your mother-in-law’s trifle sounds incredibly good, indeed. :)