Monday, 30 June 2008

The Weather...

A very British subject about which to blog.

The month of June was like March or November -- until today. Thank heavens! This afternoon we’ve had sunshine, a slight breeze, and no rain.

I don’t suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but was starting to think the lack of summer was making me SAD. I need summer. Not only because the days are longer, people are happier, the countryside is gorgeous, and it’s nice to wear sandals and sunglasses … but also because it inspires me.

My novels are set in summer. And though I could turn up the heating and dress for the beach, it’s impossible to fake the smell: sunshine on moist soil, sprinkled with freshly cut grass.

However -- and perhaps because of the terrible weather -- I have written my first autumn/winter short story. And submitted it, today! In fact, this is my first short story submission. Appalling, I know. (I might be the world’s worst writer when it comes to sending out stories.)


Catherine J Gardner said...

The weather is just atrocious, though why we're surprised. :)

Good luck with the short story.

Natalie L. Sin said...

You could cover yourself in bug spray, that could help!

Travis Erwin said...

Good luck with the submission.

Mary said...

Cate - I was just caught in another downpour! But as you said... :)

Natalie – LOL! I’ll try that. ;)

Travis – thank you! It’s unlike anything I’ve written before, and I was a nervous wreck when I sent it out on Monday. :)