Friday, 22 February 2008

Until Further Notice…

I’m taking a break from blogging.

Whether this is temporary or permanent, I don’t yet know.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog. And thank you to everyone who left a comment.

But... I might be back before too long! ☺ 

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cartoon Dreams

Last night I found myself plugged in to Pixar Studios' dream machine. (That must be what it was!) First, I dreamt that my 13-year-old second cousin was a 7-year-old, world-famous gymnast. She had bobbed black hair, Chinese eyes, white skin, and wore a red leotard. She travelled alone, performing her non-stop-back-flip to huge crowds around the globe. Then I dreamt that my Mum’s tiny soft-toy dog, Bobby, was running to my house to deliver a present. But in the dream, his name was Robby!

I think the key to the dream machine is Tesco’s Moroccan-style hummus. It’s so moreish! I ate the whole tub before going to bed.

Today, I’ve felt quite nauseous.

Friday, 15 February 2008


My current WIP is a contemporary novel with an historical element, which means lots and lots of research! Some research, or a lot of research would probably be enough, but I seem to be doing masses and masses! I’m drowning in books and printouts -- some still unread.

Perhaps I have a geeky academic or collecting urge that lay dormant until now. Perhaps I don’t want to miss an amazing piece of information I don’t know exists -- but won’t find if I stop looking! Perhaps I’m just really enjoying wearing my glasses and ploughing through tons of material. (It’s great!)

I’m so bitten by the bug that, on Wednesday, I attended an auction of antiquarian books and bid on lot 64. I could not honestly say it was vital to my research, yet I felt compelled to have it. And a valuable item can always be sold on, hopefully at a profit.

The auction was well attended. The guide price for lot 64: £50 to £80. I imagined no one else would want it, and I’d probably go home with a bargain. Two others were bidding before I stuck up my hand.

“The lady’s in,” said the auctioneer.

An uncomfortable spotlight moment; he wasn’t commenting on the other bidders!

“£130, the lady … The lady’s still in at £180 … £210 … The lady’s out ... £220 to Jarvis!”

At those prices, what on earth was I doing? Well, Jarvis was determined to beat “the lady”. Whatever lot 64 meant to me, it was more valuable to him. But no way will he make a profit! :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

And Moving Means… Shopping!

After last week’s roller-coaster ride on the local property market, I took off on Friday evening to celebrate with a friend who lives fifty miles away. It’s an easy drive from west to east. And I always imagine the road as a straight line, even though, in fact, it isn’t. But never mind…

On Saturday we toured furniture and department stores. Daisy, my eleven-year-old protagonist, kept popping up with her thoughts and opinions, but was polite enough not to comment out loud. (Her manners are definitely improving!) However, she did drag me into a couple of clothes shops and surprise me with her choices. She has an eye when it comes to creating a look; though she wants you to know, she’s not massively interested in fashion.

Together, my friend and I quickly developed a scheme for the new apartment. Before driving home on Saturday night, I broke the news that, after totting up our selection, I couldn’t afford the Ligne Roset sofas -- just yet!

She looked straight at me. “And the silk curtains for your bedroom?”

“Don’t worry; they are my TOP priority.”

“Thank heavens,” she said.

Phew!” Daisy sighed.

This girl has exceptional taste!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Yes, I'm Moving

I made a decision on the apartment. The deal is done, and, if all goes according to plan, I will be moving in 8 to 10 weeks!!!

No more endless cleaning!
No more gardening!
No more parking problems!
No more music blaring through the party walls! (I hope.)

I could not be happier. I feel light as a newborn lamb.


In writing news...

The main character in my WIP is an eleven-year-old girl named Daisy. This is the youngest MC I’ve written. And the problem is … she’s spilling over into everyday life. I’m thinking like an eleven-year-old, even in grown-up situations! (Daisy likes the new apartment, very much.)

Time to create some boundaries!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I bought my Edwardian house eighteen months ago. I'd always lived in apartments, so I thought a house and garden would be fun. But I’ve never felt organised here, and the truth is… I don’t have time to keep on top of the property.

I’ve been thinking about moving for several months. But buying/selling/moving is a project that takes time away from writing. However, once moved, I will have more time to write!

There’s an apartment I’ve viewed twice in the last week, and it’s a very serious contender. I have a few more things to think about, and a few more questions about the property before making the final decision.

Despite being somewhat preoccupied with the pros and cons of this potential move, my new novel is happening at quite a pace. It’s the roughest of rough drafts, but it’s exciting and surprising.

Previously, I would write and edit as I went along. This time, I’m allowing the ideas to flow. And this is my favourite part of the process; no thoughts of synopses and pitches – only characters, story, and FUN!!!