Thursday, 26 June 2008

More Words, Less Pictures

I’ve felt frustrated these last few weeks because I haven’t had time for writing: Ahhhhh! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about writing -- which probably made the lack of production even more frustrating.

I knew the balance had been tipped when, two days ago, my face broke out in a rash. This is my exhaustion/stress rash. It is not very pretty, and not how you want to appear when meeting your Mercedes driving neighbour for the very first time. It’s bad enough that my Toyota is parked next to his gorgeously sparkling, top-of-the-range-oozing, sporty vehicle. What does this have to do with writing? Nothing at all. (Well, perhaps there’s a story in there somewhere…)

But, the silver lining of this enforced hiatus is that I’ve stepped back -- and come up with a new title for my YA novel, on which I’ll be resuming submissions, next week. And that title is... Hybrids Taste Delicious. I love it, and can now see how off-track I was with the previous title, which did little to reflect the mood of the story.

Speaking of titles, Conduit, AKA Stuart Neville, has what is possibly the best book trailer, ever, for his well-titled thriller, The Ghosts of Belfast. It can be viewed on his website. Enjoy!


Natalie L. Sin said...

I love Japanese cars! And Korean too. So up your neighbor's arse, you drive that Toyota with pride ; )

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ooh, good title...

Good luck with your queries.

Conduit said...

Thanks for the props. :)

Mary said...

Natalie - right on! I love my Toyota, but had a moment of low self-esteem. ;)

Cate - thanks! And good luck with yours, too. :)

Conduit - you’re welcome.
I enjoyed The Last Dance, and have just passed it on to a friend. :)

John said...

Like the new title and hope it brings you luck.

Barrie said...

It is good book trailer. Thanks for the link!

Nice new YA title. Makes me want to know more about the book.

And....are interested in posting a recipe (side dish or salad or dessert) on your blog? Next Wed., July 2. If yes, let me know, and I'll link to you. Maybe something British? Maybe not.

Otherwise, just come, read and follow links. :)

Mary said...

John - thank you! It does feel like a lucky title. :) 

Barrie - thanks for your comment about the new title. And, yes please... count me in for Wednesday! :)