Monday, 23 June 2008

Thirty hours in Edinburgh...

Is not quite enough to appreciate this fabulous city.

Despite high winds and changeable skies, I fell in love with the place -- and am not at all disappointed to have to return next week. :)

Thanks to Travis’s comment on the previous post, I remembered to take my camera. Once I start snapping, it’s impossible to stop; I took 222 pictures. I’ve narrowed things down to what looks like a good cross-section, but -- this remains a very long post!

Hilly terrain and no urban sprawl,
means open views from the city centre

The Glasshouse Hotel:
a wonderful mix of old and new

Public art

Magnificent buildings

St. Andrew Square

Statues and monuments everywhere

A pub

One café...

And another

Sean Connery walked past me, twice, on Shandwick Place. His right arm was in a sling. I smiled, and he smiled back.

I regret not taking his photograph!


EDITED: There were originally twenty photos to this post. Which was a few too many, so I’ve cut it down to ten.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Those giraffes are so cute!!!

Sean Connery - double WOW!

Natalie L. Sin said...

I love Sean Connery : )

Conduit said...

Even at his advanced age, and with his arm in a sling, I reckon Sean Connery could still take me in a fight.

There was a great anecdote in Empire magazine a couple of months ago about Connery being in a movie with Lana Turner, and her gangster boyfriend Johnny Stompanato storming onto the set. He waved a gun at Connery - who promptly decked him.

Ah, Sean Connery - being manly for the rest of us.

Mary said...

Cate - aren’t they? I really like the little one.

Natalie - me, too! And when it comes to 007, he’s the one and only.

Conduit - that’s a wonderful anecdote! Connery looked incredibly fit; strength oozed from his pores. And his eyes are alert like an animal’s.

Whirlochre said...

I'm guessing Sean Connery injured himself being mesmerised by those giraffes.

Mary said...

Whirlochre - LOL! Or perhaps he got entangled with the teens playing tag. :)

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Beautiful! I haven't made it up to Scotland yet, but I really would like to see it.

Mary said...

JAPRA - Scotland is soooo worth visiting. And I highly recommend Edinburgh for everything; arts, culture, fun, food and shopping. :)