Friday, 9 November 2007

The Lovely Lakes

This week has been messy, full of changed plans, cancelled appointments, and lots of re-scheduling along the way. Time spent arranging and rearranging, but not getting anything done.

Weeks like this throw me, and I’m charged with a desire to claw back lost and wasted time. I want to concentrate on my novel. I want tweak the synopsis and re-write the pitch paragraph of my letter to potential agents. I want to be ready to start submitting, next week.

So, I’ve cleared the decks (not that we have many decks here at Thistletonthwaite Castle!) and leave tomorrow for three days without any distractions.

I love the Lake District, and am lucky to have it literally on my doorstep. I only need to drive twenty miles to reach a different world.

This is Rydal Water: my favourite lake.

And this is Rydal Cave: my favourite cave!

I’ll be staying in Keswick, in a tiny attic flat with big skylights and stunning views. It’s going to be lovely.

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