Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Okay, I know, this blog is now plastered with pictures of ME. With hand on heart, I swear I am not vain. This mass wallpapering has simply arisen during the development of the blog. On day/night one I was unable to upload a profile picture, so I snapped myself with Photo Booth and popped one, well… two on the first post.

Then it was Halloween. And that story needed pictures. And Photo Booth is right here on my laptop! I blame Steve Jobs of Apple for making it all too easy.

But STILL, my profile page was without a picture, meaning full blog set-up was not complete. Thankfully, I took some test-shots before the scary, Halloween photo session. Please note: black, high-collared blouses, although recently fashionable, are not my usual attire.

You now have more photos of me than you ever wanted to see! My excuse is: I love process, and the surprises it throws up along the way. And that’s the spirit I want to hold on to for the life of this blog. Overnight at Thistletonthwaite Castle exists for fun.

Does that mean I won’t ever post anything about my writing?

Don’t worry; I will soon start to post a little about my writing. Although it involves a lot of hard work, it most definitely counts as fun!

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