Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Time to Stop

Cold, crisp mornings, brown bracken, fallen leaves, glass-like lakes, and shopping!

My three-and-a-half days away were wonderful. I had the opportunity to work in a relaxed environment, which really refreshed my perspective. And the good news is – I LOVE my novel. The bad news is – I didn’t spend as much time as planned on the pitch and the dreaded synopsis. They do need work, and that will be done, this week.

But when is it time to stop? When is the manuscript actually finished? I’ve finished it several times before, then I read it again, just to double-check, and end up with more and more revisions. One could carry on indefinitely!

But I must STOP. I must start submitting to agents, next week. Even though last week I said it would be this week. Oh, well... it's next week, and that's a promise.

In Keswick, I discovered a delightful shop called Temporary Measure. I like the knitted rabbits, which unfortunately don’t feature on their website. But one thing that does is their bespoke story service. They will write a story to order, then print it on canvas. Not something for anyone on my Christmas list (can’t believe I mentioned Christmas, it’s far too early!) but a brilliant idea, non-the-less.

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