Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another Week, Another Cold...

The common cold may not be the most interesting subject for a blog post. But. I am suffering my second cold in less than two weeks. What livens up this misery is that the second cold is quite different than cold number one. This time it’s all about sneezing, irritable eyes, and a very runny nose. To keep things exciting, I road-tested an alternative remedy.

Kaloba, used by Zulus for centuries, has been known to keep people cold free -- forever! I was advised to take the brown liquid three times a day, in conjunction with vitamin C.

Well, I’ve done that for four days ... and still have a cold! Perhaps my idea of “the first sign of a cold”, at which one should immediately hit the Kaloba, is a little off kilter. In which case, I have only myself to blame. Or perhaps, nothing works. And though we live in denial and open our wallets, there really is no cure for the common cold.

And speaking of cold: We had six inches of snow yesterday. To reflect the weather, this blog is re-coloured ... almost a whiteout!


Catherine J Gardner said...

Colds suck.

Hope you get better soon.

Whirlochre said...

Very interesting.

Up till December, I hadn't had more than a single day off work in ten years, then I was laid low by no less than two separate strains of the lurg.

Not sure about Zulu remedies, but maybe it's the placebo effect. The thought that Zulus were about to get me might be enough to make me throw off any illness.

Carrie Harris said...

Maybe you're supposed to put the kaloba in your belly button or something? ;)

Travis Erwin said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Hmm, perhaps there is something CHinese you can ingest. I'll confer with Ying!

Mary said...

Cate - don’t they just! And... thank you. :-)

Whirl - I’m now wondering if Zulus contract different strains of lurgy than us freezing Europeans. Hmmm... :-|

Carrie - good point! And there is probably a dance one should do. ;-)

Travis - thank you! :-) I do feel a bit better today.

Natalie - I would appreciate any advice. The way things are going -- I’ll recover from this cold and then catch cold number 3! :-/

I’m going crazy with the emoticons today. Oh, yikes!

Barrie said...

Oh no, not another cold! I swear by those hot lemon drinks. I think they're loaded with aspirin? Feel better soon.

Mary said...

Barrie - thank you! Having abandoned the Zulu remedy, I’m back on hot Lemsip, and, miracle of miracles, have not sneezed once today!!