Wednesday, 7 January 2009


The talented Natalie L. Sin tagged me with this meme:

Share seven facts about yourself

Here goes!

1) I was born at home with no midwife in attendance, though that wasn’t the plan. My father, certain I would die, baptised me. At my christening, the priest omitted splashing water on my head because, from what my father had said, he believed I was already baptised. To this day, my dad is not fully convinced I am properly baptised.

2) I have a tiny point on my right ear, which, as a Star Trek fan, I was incredibly proud of as a child. I believed I was half-Vulcan.

3) I love guinea pigs, horses, dogs, and wild rabbits. With a pair of peregrine falcons residing on my roof, I have a growing interest in birds of prey.

4) I like work. At the age of fourteen, I got my first job, as a waitress in a fabulous restaurant. I was the happiest (and richest) I had been in my life.

5) As a student, I worked one summer for a household in Monte Carlo, where I met the elderly, exiled Princess of Georgia -- who taught me to dowse. She used her pendulum for everything, even swinging it over a pan of green beans to find out if they were perfectly cooked. I still occasionally reach for my pendulum.

6) I am a hypocrite: I do not eat meat, but I do wear leather.

7) I can only do housework, plugged in to my iPod. So I would like to say THANKS to Steve Jobs, for helping me keep things clean! :)


Whirlochre said...

Wow! We have so much in common! I don't eat leather, but I do wear meat!

Mary said...

Wow! Indeed! You must look so handsome in your suit of filet mignon!

Natalie L. Sin said...

I think you can buy Holy Water. If not, it's probably the only thing in the world NOT on eBay ; )

Catherine J Gardner said...

My nephew has one pointy ear too - he hated his as a kid re the whole Star Trek thing and I'm convinced that's why he has long hair now.

Mary said...

Natalie - I just checked; all kinds of Holy Water, even Miraculous Holy Water from Lourdes is readily available on eBay. Hmmm, I might treat myself!

Cate - half-Vulcans are everywhere! ;) But yes, if he wasn’t a fan of Mr Spock it must have been quite difficult -- especially as a boy with short hair.