Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Post No. 100

To celebrate this, blog post number one-oh-oh, I thought of writing a list of one hundred wonderful things. A list that would include everything but the kitchen sink: from Appleby Horse Fair to Handmade Dolls to Awido.com.

Then I remembered: I kicked the list-writing habit back in oh-eight. (Self-induced stress: be gone!) It is so much easier to write a lovely, long to-do list than it is to complete all those tasks in one day. And perhaps, the fact that I no longer write to-do lists is the reason for my new sense of warm, fuzzy calm. My days used to come with an edge, a sustained feeling of low-level panic. This somehow changed as the old year flipped to the new.

So, as we spoke earlier of kitchen sinks, I offer this fabulous TV commercial for PG Tips tea. And the way I feel right now, it will take just one small step before I, too, am singing and dancing and milking a cow. ;)


Catherine J Gardner said...

LOL! I have my own little monkey sitting above my computer.

Happy 100th Post.

Mary said...

Thanks, Cate!

I have a little PG monkey too. Sadly, he is languishing in a cardboard box, not yet unpacked since moving in June. Gosh... I feel cruel.

Natalie L. Sin said...

The English part of me is amused. The Polish part is terrified!

Mary said...

LOL! I have no Polish part, but I can empathise... ;)

Katie Alender said...

Happy 100th!

That's so cute. Although fundamentally he's a very disturbed man. ;-)

(My verification word is "orders"! I think your to-do list is the ghost in the machine!)

Barrie said...

I am actually drinking a cup of PG Tips as I read this. Seriously. How weird is that?!

Mary said...

Thanks, Katie!

Those verification words can get quite spooky. Eek!

Barrie - that is totally weird! But: “There’s no other tea to beat PG.” :)