Friday, 1 August 2008


Charming and clever; one of the best films I’ve seen in my life!

On Wednesday evening I took my mum to see WALL-E. I thought she would enjoy it, but she adored it, and cried buckets and buckets of tears. When we left the cinema she was a wreck.

Despite her puffy red eyes and dripping nose, she insisted I stop at Tesco before taking her home. She never misses an opportunity to swoop in and buy two or three things she needs urgently, but had forgotten.

She headed straight for the toy aisle, where she spent 20 minutes cooing over WALL-E and EVE and M-O.

She bought a pint of milk and some fresh fruit salad. Then I drove her home.

My grandmother’s favourite film was E.T. And I now know that my mum’s favourite film is WALL-E.

Which leaves me wondering: what will mine be…?


Catherine J Gardner said...

I don't think my Mum has a favourite film. She's watched 'Shaun of the Dead' at least three times so maybe that is it as she never likes to watch anything more than once.

Mary said...

Cate – then that must be it! Interestingly, my mum loved “Hot Fuzz”, another Simon Pegg and Nick Frost creation.

Not the sort of films that typically slot into the Mum category. Thank goodness! ;)

Katie Alender said...

Following the pattern, some two-syllable construct where the second syllable is "WALL"... "Dry-Wall"?


That movie made me cry, too. Especially when he's protecting her from the weather and waiting there with her.

Mary said...

Katie - LOL! Dry-Wall: The Movie. I’m already laughing, crying, and telling all my friends... ;)

Natalie L. Sin said...

ET creeped me out as a kid : P I was probably the only one in america who didn't like it!

Mary said...

Natalie - there's always one! ;)