Tuesday, 5 August 2008

This Is Not Goodbye

I have a tendency to over-extend myself because there is so much I want to do. If only there was a microchip implant that meant one could read a book, write a letter, watch a film, and take a relaxing walk along a river, all at the same time!

Unfortunately, there isn’t -- and time constraints rule.

I’ve had to re-evaluate my use of the 24-hour restriction placed on each and every day. I have to prioritise my time, and it’s tough when some of the fun stuff has to slip away. Yes, this is a longwinded way of telling you that I'm temporarily retiring from blogging. And I will miss it ... greatly.

But this phase won’t last forever. And I will still be around, and can’t imagine I would ever stop reading my favourite blogs (and several more besides). Especially as I now have an iPhone 3G, so the Internet is always with me! (Gosh, I love technology.) :)

À bientôt!


Natalie L. Sin said...

I prefer to fritter my time away. More relaxing ; )

Travis Erwin said...

Best of luck to you but don't be a stranger.

Conduit said...

That's a shame, but I understand. Come by and say hello now and then. :)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Good luck, but not goodbye...

Mary said...

Thanks for your comments, and please accept my apologies for the false alarm.

I’ve started a new blog, http://aquietplace.tumblr.com, and will post about it here at OATC, later this evening.

There is no way I could leave blogtopia -- I would miss you too much! :)