Monday, 9 June 2008

New Horizons

It has happened. Last week was a blur, but, by some small miracle, and the hard work of two fabulous helpers, I have moved!!! The apartment is WONDERFUL. It’s on the top floor of a converted mill and the views are spectacular!

(I'll take more photos, with my real camera, on a less cloudy day.)

Nothing feels strange or unfamiliar -- as if I've lived here much longer than five days. However, the partly unpacked boxes and general disorganisation prove that I’m barely installed. And I can confirm -- as a scientific fact -- unpacking takes ten times longer than packing.

Speaking of which, it took a non-stop, twenty-hour packing marathon to have everything ready to leave the haunted house by last Wednesday’s deadline.

I am now totally, utterly, and completely exhausted. Which is perhaps why the unpacking is such hard work.

This apartment does seem to be ghost-free. All I’m picking up on the ether is my neighbours’ Wi-Fi. Lucky for me, as mine won’t be connected for another week to ten days. :)


Travis Erwin said...

Sweet view.

Catherine J Gardner said...

HAPPY NEW HOME!!! Lots of luck in it.

John said...

Relax, pour some wine and ENJOY unpacking! :)

Natalie L. Sin said...

Ah, moving. There are few things in life that suck so grandly!

Mary said...

Travis - it is mesmerizing. I keep wandering to the windows and staring out... No wonder the unpacking takes ages!

Cate - thank you so much! This place feels really, really good.

John - thanks! I’d forgotten the wine!

Natalie - LOL! After weeks of chaos, I believe I do agree.


Barrie said...

Sorry, to be chiming in so late. But I'm glad the move went well. And that you're feeling settled about the place. Unpacking? Yikes. Just do it bit by bit?

Mary said...

Barrie – thanks! I love it here. :)