Monday, 2 June 2008

Cardboard Boxes

The final countdown: In 36 hours, removal men will cart my worldly possessions out of this haunted house.

Not all my worldly possessions; I have a storage unit that I intended to use for a month or two -- to which I still have the keys after almost two years! After moving into the apartment, I intend to move everything out of storage. It is probably time I started behaving less like a gypsy and more like a settled, grown-up person. (Perish the thought, says the teenage part of my brain.)

I’m navigating an obstacle course of part-packed boxes, semi-organised piles of paraphernalia, disassembled furniture, assorted tools and packing materials. Whenever I move, I imagine a quick and organised process, but in reality, it’s chaotic, slow, and slightly boring.

There are so many more interesting applications for cardboard boxes. Other than stuffing them full of possessions then sealing them with dull brown tape, one could…

Make an attractive lamp

A warm blanket

A car

A rocket

Star Wars costumes!

A kitchen

Or a monster...

to keep life scary, in case the new property does not come with ghosts. :)


Josephine Damian said...

Mary: Do they have PODS there? It's an ingenious concept where they drop off this huge metal box at your house, and at your leisure, you fill it up with all your stuff. Once done, the PODS folk haul it off to a huge storage facility, or drop it off at your new place.

When it's my turn to move next year, that's the way I'm going.

I do hope the ghosts don't follow you.

Catherine J Gardner said...

LOL! Just watch you don't pack a few ghosts.

Mary said...

Josie - as far as I know, we don’t have PODS here. But it sounds like a really sensible system. It will help you to better organise the packing process -- and it will definitely reduce the stress. :)

Cate - I love your new profile picture! It would be just my luck for the nasty little poltergeist to have jumped in with the pots and pans. ;)