Wednesday, 16 April 2008

One of those weeks!

Today I sit here with a foggy head.

For the last 7 days, life has seemed crazy, beyond my control.

Nothing drastic, dreadful, or overly dramatic has happened. It’s the little things. And when lots of little things go wrong, you feel stupid. Maybe I try to squeeze too much into a day. But don’t we all do that? We want to achieve as much as possible, succeed against the odds, and beat the clock.

Sometimes we go the extra mile to please others or to prove our supersonic abilities -- then kick ourselves for the silly mistakes that ensue.

Last week I submitted this blog to Authors Blogs, a fabulous site listing lots of great blogs, including The Book Lady and Barrie Summy. I typed in the info, hit submit, then realised I’d made a mistake. So I re-submitted, with “UPDATED!” preceding the revised description.

And this is how that description now appears on the site:
UPDATED!: An aspiring YA author blogs about what captivates her three-track mind: writing, entertainment, and life.

The week continued, with a catalogue of minor disasters.

On Monday, I rushed to mail three letters before the last collection. I lay in bed that night re-living the stuffing of the envelopes. Had I…? Was it possible…? Surely I couldn’t be that stupid?

Unfortunately, yes. I discovered on Tuesday that I’d mixed up two letters and put them in the wrong envelopes!! The recipients were amused: accidents happen. But I felt completely incompetent.

I hope this phase is passing, and once I publish this post this, I’ll become a calm and organised person. :) 

Some very good news: Patricia Wood's wonderful debut novel, Lottery, has reached the shortlist for the Orange Prize for Fiction!


Barrie said...

Don't sweat the organization stuff. It happens to ALL of us. :)

Barrie said...

Forgot to add--thank you for the link!

(and I really did forget until a nanosec after I hit publish. :) )

ORION said...

Thanks!! I am so excited to be going to London!

Mary said...

Barrie: Your two comments prove the point. Thank you! I’m smiling. :)

Orion: I’m so excited for you!

I’ve recommended Lottery to several people, but yesterday, someone mentioned it to me. There’s a buzz! :)

Eamon said...

But without the scope for error (harmless error), there is no scope for comedy (harmless comedy), and without comedy our lives would be worse - not better!

Mary said...

Eamon: That’s a wonderful comment; you’re absolutely right. :)

Katie Alender said...

I was talking with a friend who had a whole morning of little things go *right*, and we realized how often little things go wrong. Often in quick succession, for days at a time!

Mary said...

Hi Katie! Perhaps we should have more appreciation for the times when all the little things go right. :)