Friday, 11 April 2008

A Master Class

I finished the edit, and now feel much better about the comma content of my manuscript. Phew!

It’s time to move forward, and concentrate completely on my WIP. I’ve promised myself, I will no longer keep going back and forth between the new work and -- I don’t even like to say it -- the old.

I wonder how experienced and prolific authors such as Amélie Nothomb, who wrote the best book I read in 2007, handle such transitions? (She writes three novels a year, publishing only one.)

Perhaps she tells us in this interview for Spanish TV. But I didn’t quite catch it. Perhaps when she draws in marker pen on a plastic globe, she is explaining by using a diagram. Perhaps the word Bangladesh is code for “move forward".  

Let’s see:


John said...

Perhaps the clue is under her hat.

Mary said...

LOL, John! Another reason to meet her in person. ;)

DeeDubya said...

Would it be wrong to point out you've put a comma before the "and" in the second paragraph?

Mary said...

I’m a lost cause, Deedubya. Just can’t seem to help it! ;)