Friday, 28 March 2008

The Top 10 Bunnies in Film

This email from my DVD rental service arrived this morning. 

Easter has arrived! Which means it’s time to sit on the sofa, stuff your face full of chocolate and enjoy some much deserved time off work. Worried about gorging ourselves on too many sugary treats, this week we celebrate the coming of spring and all things Easter with our top 10 bunnies in film list. Ok, we’ll stop rabbiting on now… Read more

I laughed out loud. I love bunny rabbits! And what a great idea for a list; I love lists!

But hang-on, the good people at LOVEFiLM are promoting Easter movies -- five days after Easter!

I shook my head, laughed again, and then clicked on the “Read more” link. Shock and horror: I had been mis-lead! They’ve included HARES alongside rabbits!!! Are there not enough talented bunnies to make the list? Unbelievable!

My heart pounded as I scrolled down the page. On reaching the bottom, I sighed with relief; all ten places ARE occupied by rabbits. Phew!

But it left me thinking, I’d like to see a lot more roles for rabbits. ;)


Eamon said...


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John said...

You're back! And I see that you're reading Loving Sabotage. Enjoy!

Eamon said...

Mary, thanks for dropping by. I have added you to my blogroll. Eamon.

Mary said...

Thanks, Eamon! :)

Mary said...

John, I’m enjoying it hugely! And, as you might have noticed from this post, I was immediately influenced by her use of the colon!!