Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A (Secret) Crush and Newborn Lambs

For a couple of years, I’ve had a huge crush I have not mentioned to anyone. My reason for secrecy was threefold: he’s an older man, a married man, and his dress-sense is slightly dated. But push those things aside (quickly!) and he embodies all I admire.

He’s intelligent, creative, and driven. He has soul. He draws and makes things out of wood. He writes wonderful short fiction and wonderful epics. His name is Philip Pullman.

And whenever I read one of his interviews, I feel enriched. Sigh...

(The Firework-Maker's Daughter, and Clockwork, or All Wound Up are two of my all-time favourite novels.)

En-route to the Lake District for Easter weekend, I drove through Caldbeck Common -- where the ponies grow thick, winter coats.

Driving home on Tuesday, I jumped out of the car to snap the cutest newborn lambs… I’ve seen in all my life!!!

Click on the photos for bigger and better views!


Beth said...

ohhh look at those babies !!!
Is there anything better than a brand new baby animal...I think not !!!

driving home today from our cottage, I saw a newborn calf that looked so fresh....even wobbley legs.

and the poor thing, being born this time of's still just too cold for those little ones.

come on Spring !!!!...warm us up !

Mary said...

I know… I always worry that they’re freezing!!! (And often think of taking them home.)

We’ve had so much wind and rain and sleet and snow -- spring seems way overdue!

But we’re cheering it on, which has to help, doesn’t it?

ORION said...

I SO ADORE ponies - I have two horses here in Hawaii- I would love to go to England Ireland and Scotland and see the countryside! (who knows? Maybe I'll get a chance to in June LOL)

Mary said...

I’m totally in LOVE with the English countryside, especially the Lake District and the Eden Valley; the Scottish Highlands are spectacular too!

Fingers crossed for June!!!

Eamon said...

Book recommendation: Pies and Prejudice by Stuart Maconie about life up north (now travelling through the Great Lakes ..). He loves the Lake Districts although is a bit scathing about (some of) Wordsworth ..

Mary said...

Pies and Prejudice sounds hilarious, and what a great title!!! Thanks for the recommendation.