Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Today is my birthday.

And, at long last, I’m impressed by my sisters’ good taste. Because this year – they both gave me Waterstone's gift cards.

I can buy more books.

Happy Me!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, always a good gift! My family and friends know that a good default birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift is a gift certificate for a bookstore. Sounds like you have them well-trained, too.

John said...

Happy birthday, and happy shopping!

Nona said...

Happy B-Day, Mary!

Mary said...

Booklady: The YEARS of training have finally proved worthwhile! :)

John: Thank you! :)

Nona: Thank you! :)

Barrie said...

Happy Birthday! And shop up a book storm!

Mary said...

Barrie: I’ll shop ‘till I drop!
Al Capone Does My Shirts is top of the list!