Friday, 17 October 2008

Stream of Consciousness

It is only October. And in the last two days I have sneezed a million times, used three boxes of tissues, and replaced tea and coffee with Lemsip Max. My head feels heavy, thick, and dull. My creative synapses are under siege.

Which leads to this question: Is a boring blog post better than no post at all?

A question that sounds like Carrie Bradshaw wrote it!

And now she’s got hold of my laptop!

Whenever I write a sentence that echoes a well-known writer it never rings with the resonance of Colette, Flaubert, Amélie Nothomb, or Markus Zusak. In fact, I’d prefer to channel anyone but Carrie Bradshaw -- because she is a fictional character and not a real writer at all.

Conclusion: I am doomed. ;)


Natalie L. Sin said...

I'm not even sick and my muse has been hiding. Maybe it's all about the coffee. I drink too much, and you have been avoiding it!

K.C. Shaw said...

A boring blog post is definitely better than no post at all--that's how I manage my entire blog! Not that your post was boring at all. I hope you get better soon!

Catherine J Gardner said...

I'm into my second October cold - joy :) I'm like a germ factory.

Whirlochre said...

Last time I had a cold, I ended up with half a page of slurry that could just as easily have been rendered by Fungus The Bogeyman wringing out his underpants over the paper while pretending to be Jackson Pollock.

Mary said...

Natalie - perhaps muses don’t like caffeine or hot lemon drinks! To be on the safe side, I have switched to an herbal tea called Tranquillity.

K.C. - there is a lot to be said for the boring blog post. ;)
The sneezing has subsided and I feel much better today, thank you!

Cate - yuck. Back-to-back colds are so draining. Hope you feel better, soon. :)

Whirl - you sum it up perfectly. And with Carrie Bradshaw controlling my brain, I took yesterday off and overdosed on Lemsip Max to exorcise her presence.

Katie Alender said...

Maybe she's not a real writer, but a real writer wrote her! (Say that three times fast.)

I hope you're well on the road to recovery by now!

Mary said...

Katie - what a tongue twister! I have just said it 3 times while twirling round and round.

I'm now feeling much better, thank you!