Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I feel very calm. Which is most unusual, as I normally function at a level of medium to high stress. Rarely low stress. And never total calm.

I can’t remember when I last felt this way, if, in fact, I have ever felt this way at all! I am totally and utterly chilled. I’m listening to ambient music (and visualising dolphins ;)) as I type!

My ex used to insist that stress is good, that without it one wouldn’t get anything done. But these last two days I’ve been highly productive. It’s so enjoyable!

Not being stressed, I haven’t expended energy on unnecessary urgency. I haven’t had the stress response.

But there’s one problem. Everyone else is -- or seems -- stressed. Is stress contagious? Is it expected? Do we worry that others might think we’re not working hard enough, or not taking the job seriously enough, if we aren’t slightly stressed?

Then there’s the anxiety of everyday life. High winds blow litter onto my property, and I hate picking it up. I usually rush out, mildly annoyed, and thrust it all into a bin bag.

But today it seemed interesting (there was quite a haul). And I paid attention to the flotsam and jetsam of life: leaves, string, cigarette ends, pieces of white polystyrene, a two-pint milk carton, a soup cup, a plant pot, paper and plastic bags, sandwich packaging, a beer can, takeaway food trays, a pink umbrella, and two metal forks!!!

Zen Circle. The inscription reads - 'Each thing is perfect'. 
Painting by Tanchu Terayama. Sumi ink on paper.


el arcangel said...

un blogo estupendo. te felicito. espero que visites el mio.


Mary said...

Gracias, El Arcangel.

¡Su blog es maravilloso también! Amo España, y especialmente Andalucia.

Barrie said...

Ah...I need a flotsam and jetsam kind of day. :)

Mary said...

Barrie: It is good for the soul! And for the idea-mulling brain-cells that, in my case, sometimes don’t see the wood for the trees! :)