Friday, 11 January 2008

Moving Wallpaper & Echo Beach

A new TV concept aired last night. 

I LOVE new concepts!

From What’s On TV:

Echo Beach is a … soap-style drama … while earlier show Moving Wallpaper is a comedy that follows the fictionalized crew who make it." 
Wow. Sounds GREAT. I would never have expected this from ITV!

“The interlinking comedy and drama screen back to back … with plots, characters and jokes crossing over between the two."
THAT was a one-way street.

“Echo Beach sees much-loved soap stars Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon return to their roots playing ex-lovers Daniel and Susan."  
I should have known...

“On the other side of the camera, in Moving Wallpaper, the hapless producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller, of Armstrong and Miller), is pushing his creative team to the limit.”
But not far enough to exceed mild humour!

“Producer Jonathan Pope claims the concept will 'change the face of British television for ever'.”
I doubt it.

As you’ve probably guessed, this did not live-up to my expectations. Perhaps because I was a huge fan of The Larry Sanders Show, from which this type of concept is obviously derived. I’m not saying no other show can do it; I loved Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Moving Wallpaper & Echo Beach takes the step of splitting the idea into two separate shows. And is weaker for it, IMO. But they are targeting a different audience (I think!) and soap fans might appreciate this more than me.

However, I did laugh at this line in Moving Wallpaper.
Script Editor to Producer: “They’re writers, they hate everyone!”

Everyone? Perhaps with the exception of Larry Sanders!!!


John said...

Some viewers wondered why an awful, early evening soap was on at 9:30 pm. Unless they’d read-up on this, why would they assume two separate shows were linked?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to watch both. I'll keep watching Moving Wallpaper because it's a bit like Extras - but not Echo Beach.

Mary said...

I want to say, it’s great that ITV are attempting new ideas and concepts!

John -- I saw that as a problem, too. EB doesn’t reference MW, and without that link, it doesn’t make sense in terms of scheduling.

Anon -- That’s what I see happening, because they’re such different shows. Perhaps MW should stay where it is, and EB be moved to an early slot the following evening!