Monday, 3 December 2007

A Mixed Post

I’ve just had a weekend off.

I honestly can’t remember when I last had a ‘proper’ weekend. And after seeing my writing goals for 2008, alongside many others, in J.A. Konrath’s 300th blog post, I doubt I’ll ever have time for another!!!

Revealing these goals in public makes them seem even more important. I feel compelled to do my absolute best to reach them. Though I felt anxious when I saw them, there, in the blogosphere -- there is something to be said for scaring yourself into action. There's also a lot of inspiration, not to mention a good dollop of wisdom to be found in what others are setting out to achieve.

Thankfully, what might come to be known as The Last Weekend was GREAT! It included a hair appointment, shopping, a trip to the Lake District, more shopping, at small but beautifully formed, Elk Home, and two gorgeous dinners. As a result, I feel refreshed and ready for anything. (Let’s hope something unusual happens to utilise that readiness!)

I’ve replaced the Halloween profile picture with one that was snapped on Saturday. By coincidence, my hair, sweater and curtains tone in a way that makes the photo look golden and Christmassy.

But I’m on a Mac. And if this blog looks off-colour or messy to anyone using a PC, I’d love to know. 

Now, completely changing the subject. Until this photo, I don’t think I had ever seen a rabbit yawn.

It’s adorable!


John said...

I’m at work, on a PC using Internet Explorer. The colours look fine. But the title splits onto two lines, which I suspect might not be intended. Your photo is a bit fuzzy. Hope this helps.

Mary said...

Many thanks, John. I will get to a PC and check the look. I established this blog on the spur, as it were. Now I think a re-design is on the agenda.