Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas Countdown

Can you believe it? I still have eight presents, wrapping paper, a tree, wine and food (to take to my sister’s for Christmas lunch) to buy!!!

My brother leaves all his Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. But he has that skill -- he’s a boy!

This is the first time I’ve been soooo LATE.

Will I succeed…?

I’ve just opened the post. Inside my latest delivery from DVD rental service LOVEFiLM, is a little book: a sampler of The Hard Way by Lee Child. It measures 10 x 14.1cm, and contains 20 pages, the first two chapters. The quality is nice. A smart piece of marketing, indeed!


Nona said...


Good luck with your shopping! I, myself, am shopping-addicted so -- no problems there. I basically start around Halloween and just keep going 'til I run out of money or (more likely) the credit card balance starts to get too high. Have a fantastic Christmas!

Mary said...

Nona: Never again will I be so last minute -- it was crazy out there! I’m going to make a note in my 2008 diary to start shopping in September. That’s probably an extreme reaction, and in reality, I’ll begin around Halloween, like you! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nona said...

I start early because I'm a procrastinator. I try to break difficult tasks down into small, manageable bits -- otherwise they would never get done! My Christmas went well, although I am suffering the effects of too much second-hand cigar smoke. Great food though, and plenty of booze!

Mary said...


Glad you had a good Christmas!

As for second-hand smoke: My taste buds are dead, my right eye is still watering! Hideous. I think I’ll ban myself from the company of smokers.

Happy New Year! :)