Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dark Days and Glasses

I was looking forward to winter, but these dark afternoons are killing me! I start yawning at about 3 p.m. and don’t stop until midnight, when I suddenly feel wide-awake just in time to go to bed. My Mum advises me to get some early nights, which is her default advice for most things. Instead, I'm drinking more coffee, which must only contribute to the late-night wakefulness.

I’m also working in the evenings, and probably need to stop a little earlier and give my mind some time to wind down. Hmm... not as easy as it sounds. I remember Lemony Snicket -- or perhaps it was Daniel Handler who said, "Bedtime always comes around just when things are getting interesting." Exactly! That hits the nail on the proverbial head. In fact, that’s probably what I need. I should ask a dear friend to hit me on the head with a mallet, knocking me out as the clock strikes twelve.

But first I must take off my glasses. My gorgeous glasses! To which I seem to be allergic.

Four or five weeks ago, I went for an eye test. I’ve always wanted glasses, so was quite happy to discover I need them for reading. I chose a lovely Miu Miu pair.

About ten minutes after putting on my beautiful glasses, my nose starts to itch. After half an hour I absolutely have to take them off, and am left with two bright-red marks where the nosepiece has been. They’re not tight, so the marks (which remain for hours) aren’t caused by pressure. But I have very sensitive skin, so sensitive that I can’t use any skin-care products or cosmetics, at all. The only make-up I can tolerate is lipstick and mascara.

I’m half-expecting bad news, but will still be very disappointed if there's nothing the optician can do. 
“Crazy but true; you are allergic to glasses!”


John said...

;-) Don't worry, there's a mallet in my tool shed.

Mary said...

Thanks, John; but it can stay where it is. I’m now sleeping like a log!